Three Simple Steps to Stay Fit in College

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Before you started college, you had heard of the freshman fifteen, that notorious number that affects the abdominal and nether regions of students in universities across the globe.  But you never thought it would happen to you.  Sorry to say, most stereotypes have some basis in reality.  So now that you’re facing down your own struggle to fit diet and exercise into an ever-shifting schedule of classes and studying, here are a few simple steps to stick to expanding your brain instead of your saddle-bags.

  1. Boycott the vending machine. Ditto on fast food.  When the cafeteria is closed and you’re still jamming on a five-page essay that’s due tomorrow, it’s very tempting to forget your health concerns and eat Cheetos and Mountain Dew for dinner, or pop over to McDonald’s for something off the dollar menu.  But this is the absolute worst choice you can make.  To combat your late-night cravings, try to keep something sensible on hand.  Without a full kitchen, you can’t really supply yourself with an entire meal worth of healthy cuisine, but it only takes a mini-fridge and a microwave to make yourself a low-cal meal, so keep a couple of Lean Cuisines in your freezer.  You can also stock up on healthy snacks like trail mix and fresh (or dried) fruits and vegetables instead of reaching for chips or cookies.
  2. Keep a food journal. It’s easy to forget what you’ve eaten when you’re constantly on the go, so carry a notebook around in your backpack and fill it out as you eat.  That way you’ll know exactly what you’re consuming on a day-to-day basis, and chances are, you’ll be surprised how much you graze throughout the day.  Tracking your food intake is really the best way to see where you need to cut back or what you might be missing out on.
  3. Stay active.  It’s tempting to spend your down time spacing out in front of YouTube or catching some sun on the quad, but you’re going to feel stronger and more alert if you schedule in some physical activity.  Jogging or biking to classes is great, but you really need some extended motion to make it count, so grab a friend and make it a date.  Try for minimum of 3-4 times per week (30-60 minute sessions) if you r schedule allows.

Although it may be more difficult to keep up with a fitness regimen while you’re in school, it is an absolute necessity if you want to stay on top of your game.  A healthy body is a prerequisite for a healthy mind, so don’t neglect either one.  Staying fit will not only improve your attitude, it will reduce stress, increase your focus, and ensure that you are primed and ready to achieve academic excellence, and that’s really what it’s all about.

Guest post by: Sarah Harris of Zen College Life where you can browse accredited online colleges.

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Zane May 12, 2011 at 3:22 am

Those are really great and useful tips on staying fit in college. It is better for me to use the tips above because honestly, I am a person who is difficult to keep health. But I’ll try all the tips above as a way to stay fit and healthy in college.

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