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Cheat Your Way Thin Review

July 17, 2010

Everybody has to eat; it’s part of living. Food nourishes the body and provides energy and strength to survive. But as we all know, if you eat too, much, you tend to store the surplus as fat. Because of this, a lot of people seek help from different diet methods which promise a quick fire […]

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Choosing a Quick Weight Loss Program

January 2, 2010

What To Know Before Starting a Fast Weight Loss Program When it comes to starting a diet, most people would love to have the results that we see and hear about all over the television and in the magazines. But it simply does not typically work in that fashion. Quick weight loss is not always a possibility […]

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Warp Speed Fat Loss: What Is It?

December 26, 2009

Update 6-21-2012: This program has been discontinued. First off, Warp Speed Fat Loss is a very cool concept. The idea that you have in your hands the exact step by step rapid weight loss blueprint that can help you lose 8lbs in the first week and up to 21lbs in just 28 days is very […]

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How I Finally Lost Weight: Guest Post

December 20, 2009

Weight Loss Guest Post “I lost 41 pounds in three months. This is how I did it … and you can too.” I understand the frustrations that accompany weight loss, so I decided to write this article for Best Quick Weight Loss Diets. I was overweight for most of my life, but then I ended […]

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Healthy Quick Weight Loss: Oxymoron?

December 13, 2009

We are led to believe that quick healthy weight loss is not possible. It is said that you can have one, but not the other: either quick weight loss or healthy weight loss. A lot ot times, it is true that quick weight loss diet methods subscribe to an immediate gratification approach, ignoring many health concerns. However, most dieters do want […]

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Appetite Suppressants for Quicker Weight Loss

November 28, 2009

The Best Appetite Suppressants Will Help You Lose Weight Faster Why? It’s simple. If you eat less, you will consume less calories. If you add healthy eating habits and moderate exercise, you will lose weight fast. Many quick weight loss diets (1-4 pounds of weight loss per week) can pose health risks if you are […]

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Increase Metabolism for Faster Weight Loss

November 27, 2009

What Does Metabolism Have To Do With Weight Loss? Increasing the metabolic rate is vital to losing weight. Metabolism, as defined in Wikipedia is: Metabolism is the set of chemical reactions that happen in living organisms to maintain life. These processes allow organisms to grow and reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to their environments. […]

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