Getting Your Partner To Support Your Weight Loss

June 18, 2010

It isn’t easy losing weight. This fact is obvious. but, when you’re determined to lose the weight and your partner isn’t willing to help or even support you, then losing weight become more difficult. How A Partner Can Affect Diet Efforts So, you have been eating less, eating right, and doing more exercise, but your […]

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Should I Tell My Friend to Lose Weight?

April 21, 2010

If you noticed that your friend needs to lose weight, will you be brave enough to tell her? Will you be willing to risk your friendship for this? If you had a hard time answering these questions, then, you are officially on a dilemma. To tell, or not to tell—a question, only you can answer. […]

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The Importance of Goals to Lose Weight

March 15, 2010

Losing weight is not easy. Weight loss takes the correct knowledge, a true desire, and strong motivation. Quick weight loss needs a little bit extra of each. In this article, I focus on goals, because having solid and realistic goals is a requirement for strong motivation. Prior to starting a weight loss program, many people […]

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How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

December 31, 2009

Are you weight conscious?? Thinking about losing weight but just can’t find the right motivation? Here are five ways that add up to big benefits for your quest to lose weight. Adding healthy meals and working-out daily can help you lose weight. Start eating a healthy diet and doing exercise on regular basis, as both are […]

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Mentally Prepare to Lose Weight Fast

November 5, 2009

To lose weight fast, there needs to be the right frame-of-mind. If you are not mentally prepared, there is a high likelihood of failing. Quick weight loss is possible, and deep inside, every woman knows that. The challenge is to stay on track and to keep the weight off. For that to happen, there needs […]

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Staying Motivated When Exercising

November 4, 2009

Exercise is important when trying to lose weight. It is vitally important when trying to lose weight fast. Here are some tips to stay motivated to exercise while on a diet. Motivation Tips For Exercising While Dieting These exercise motivational tips can help you continue to exercise, and therefore, keep you losing weight. Here’s some […]

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