Acai Berry

Pure Acai Berry Not Just For Weight Loss – It Extends Lifespan

April 15, 2010

Studies have repeatedly shown that when diets are rich in botanicals, numerous health benefits ensue. Acai is the small, blackish-purple fruit from the Acai palm tree that is native to the Amazon River delta’s swamps and floodplains. Many health experts have praised the remarkable health-imparting properties of the Acai berry, which is a staple food […]

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Top Four Weight Loss Pills

January 27, 2010

Top Four Weight Loss Pills Comparison Amongst all diet pills, we believe Acai Select, Proactol, Pure Acai Berry, and Phen375 are the best for weight loss. However, it is always hard for consumers to know which solution works for them. That’s the reason why we compare these top four diet pills. Hopefully, this diet pill […]

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Ten Health Benefits of Using Acai Berry

January 25, 2010

Unless you are closed off from society (TV, magazines, newspapers, the internet), you have heard of acai berry. Though not primarily meant to lose weight, there are many wonderful health benefits of using acai berry. For weight loss, acai berry is best used as a healthy supplement to assist with a quick weight loss diet. […]

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Acai Berry Select Review

November 6, 2009

Acai Berry Select is based on the Acai Berry, a fruit found only in the Amazon and has been used for hundreds of years by the locals because of its tremendous health benefits. (Read Benefit of Acai Berry for more information.) If you really want to lose weight, Acai Berry is very effective. By using […]

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Benefits of Acai Berry

October 20, 2009

Acai berry products are all the rave nowadays. They come in many forms: juices, pills and capsules, powders, shakes, and even cocktails. There is good reason for this because acai berry truly is a super food. (Note: with all the rave comes scams. Read our article, “Acai Scam Warnings” for more information). Though, because of […]

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Natural Appetite Suppressants

October 16, 2009

Losing weight naturally and safely is an automatic requirement for a successful long-term diet. Learn the top natural and safe appetite suppressants to help with quick weight loss.

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Acai Scam Warnings: Stay Away From Free Trials

October 9, 2009

There are two issues to be concerned with when choosing a Acai Berry product. The first is the reputation of the company offering the product. The second is the quality of the product. Free Trial Acai Berry Scams First reported on Jan 5, 2009, free trial acai berry offers have frequently been discovered to be […]

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