Staying Motivated When Exercising

Exercise is important when trying to lose weight. It is vitally important when trying to lose weight fast. Here are some tips to stay motivated to exercise while on a diet.Exercising Climbing Stairs 300x198 Staying Motivated When Exercising

Motivation Tips For Exercising While Dieting

These exercise motivational tips can help you continue to exercise, and therefore, keep you losing weight. Here’s some help to stay inspired to stay with your weight loss diet and hopefully have fun.

Mix Up Your Exercise Routine

One reason that dieters get tired of exercising is because it gets boring.  Doing the same thing over and over can quickly become redundant. So, mix it up.

Here are some things you can do to change-up your routine:

  • try a yoga class
  • take a day for a bike ride.
  • If you don’t do live aerobic seminars, try it.
  • If all you do is do live aerobic seminars, do weights and treadmills
  • Learn to dance!

Variety will keep you interested and moving.

Make Finding Exercises a Creative Game

When you are not working out, you can still find creative ways to exercise and burn calories. Try to make finding these extra calorie burning activities into a game. While you have free time or when you are headed somewhere, seek out ways to exercise. For example, take stairs instead of escalators or elevators, vacuum, and play chase, ball, or dance with the kids. It can go on and on. Maybe do ten jumping  jacks before you open the fridge? Begin gardening. Laugh. Find anything that can burn calories.

Exercise with Friends

Exercising with a friend not only makes exercising more fun, but it provides the extra motivation to stay active. If it’s the gym or a morning walk, making it a social activity makes it more enjoyable. You can burn fat and talk about gossip or each others’ lives. Time goes by quicker this way. Plus, if one of you has a day where you just don’t want to go out, there is always that motivational phone call to get you going.

Reward Yourself

When you reach an exercise goal, give yourself and/or your partner a reward. The goal could be the amount of calories lost on the treadmill or the distance walked or jogged at the park. Just keep the reward inline with the diet. Maybe a night out at the movies or a day all to yourself. Make sure everyone knows of the exercise goal you are trying to reach, so that they know the reward is worth congratulations.

Hopefully, exercise becomes a fun and routine part of your diet, and a permanent part of your lifestyle.

Good luck on your journey to your healthier lifestyle.

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