Getting Your Partner To Support Your Weight Loss

Weight loss relationships 300x178 Getting Your Partner To Support Your Weight LossIt isn’t easy losing weight. This fact is obvious. but, when you’re determined to lose the weight and your partner isn’t willing to help or even support you, then losing weight become more difficult.

How A Partner Can Affect Diet Efforts

So, you have been eating less, eating right, and doing more exercise, but your partner, who may be able to lose a few pounds his or herself, is knowingly or unknowingly making things worse. Here is a list of things that your partner could be doing to harm your efforts:

  • Not participating in your fitness program
  • Eating burgers and fries while you are nibbling on salad
  • Not complimenting you on your efforts
  • Acting like your diet is an inconvenience to him or her

Succeeding at a diet, especially a fast weight loss diet, takes motivation and determination. A partner can make succeeding much more difficult.

So Now What?

How To Get Your Partner To Support A Diet


The first step in getting support from your partner is communication. You need to spell out the reasons you are losing weight. Let your partner know why weight loss is so important to you. You also need to ask, and then listen, to why your partner is being resistant to you making these changes. There may be deeper needs that each of you have for the choices that you are making. For example, you may be wanting to lose weight for health or looks, but your partner may be resistant due to relationship insecurity or self-pity.

Ask For Support

After the communication is figured out and both partners know the reasons why each partner is making their respective choices, you need to ask your partner for support. It is important to ask and not tell. You don’t want to say, “Both of us are going to eat right all year.” Make the diet a shared event by asking something like, “Is it okay to eliminate junk food from the house for one week?” Then, after the week ends, ask your partner for another week without junk food. Doing this will make the sacrifice easier for your partner to manage. Plus, it allows the partner to be a partner.

Forgive Easily

If your spouse makes a mistake or goes against the plans that both of you talked about, don’t criticize, place blame, or shame your partner. By doing this, when your partner slips and starts eating potato chips and ice cream in front of you, it will only create a rift between both of you and make your diet a constant argument.

If this type of behavior becomes a constant issue, you may have to find support elsewhere.

Look Outside The Relationship

When it comes to losing weight, it’s important to have a support system that is outside of the relationship. This could be through friends, other dieters, or even through online diets like eDiets which caters to peer support. Just be careful to keep emotionally involved with your partner. Relying too much on friends or other dieters can create an emotional hole in the relationship.

Final thoughts: Not only is your diet important, but your relationship is important too.

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qiangqiang July 8, 2010 at 11:22 pm

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H Miracle August 14, 2010 at 10:27 am

This is a great article because your partner may not even know they are making things harder on you with. Before you start any diet you really need to communicate with your partner that if you are going to do this and really lose the pounds then they need to be supportive.

For example i started a diet once and i didn’t tell her that i was trying to lose weight because if i failed i didn’t want her to know that i couldn’t do it. That was a mistake because i was very irritable and she didn’t even know why. Well i wont ever do that again, from now on we are going to be a team with anything we try.

wisdom teeth September 6, 2010 at 1:21 pm

i think if you have a plan then you can easily get your partner to support a diet

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