South Beach Diet Plan Review

 South Beach Diet Plan Review

The South Beach Diet is a very popular and well known diet. It is a structured three phase carbohydrate restrictive diet. This diet is very similar to the Atkins Diet, but with slight differences concerning fat intake and carbohydrate counting.

South Beach Diet vs. Atkins Diet

Like the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet is restrictive of carbohydrates and focuses on lean meat, grains, vegetables, and fruits. Both diets are restrictive meal plans that are very similar in structure with the three phases. Both diets focus on finding an individual’s personal carbohydrate level. They also both emphasis the difference between good carbs and bad carbs. Also, like Atkins this diet was conceived by a medical doctor — creator of the South Beach Diet is Arthur Agatston, MD, director of Mount Sinai Cardiac Prevention Center in Miami Beach, Fl.

However, the difference lies in the strictness and restrictiveness of the diets. The South Beach Diet is more restrictive on fat consumption vs the Atkins Diet because saturated fats told to be minimized on the South Beach Diet but allowed in greater amounts in the Atkins Diet. Another large difference the the counting of carbohydrates. The South Beach Diet isn’t as restrictive to the consumption of non-starchy vegetables and also counts carbs by portions as opposed as by the gram, which makes following the diet a bit easier.

Is the  South Beach Diet Good?

The Pros:

  • You won’t go hungry.
  • It’s a healthy way to eat and avoid refined sugars and trans fats.
  • There is support from medical experts.
  • Teaches a new way to eat where only good carbs and fats are consumed.
  • There are thousands of satisfied clients.
  • The official website boast loads of information like testimonials and meal plans.
  • The popularity of the plan makes finding supporting forums easy to find, so that hints, support, and ideas are easy to obtain from others on the diet.

What are the Cons of the South Beach Diet?

The Cons:

  • The first phase of the diet can be really difficult to surpass, since it is so restrictive.
  • Phase three is a life long lifestyle change, which may not be suitable to all dieters (depending on the dieter’s frame of mind).
  • Exercise or supplements are not offered or suggested which is only good if long steady weight loss is the goal.
  • Not vegetarian friendly.

Does the South Beach Diet Work?

There are thousands of success stories that can be seen on the main South Beach Diet website. If focus is made to complete phase one, which tends to be the most difficult, the rest of the diet won’t be as rigorous. If you have the discipline and the absolute yearning to lose weight, this diet is highly recommended.

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Julie C. March 5, 2010 at 8:48 pm

I would advocate this diet plan. Though I believe some parts had been tough, the rewards experienced after I succeeded was very much worth it.

Lee C. February 11, 2010 at 2:06 pm

I love this dieting plan. I didn’t assume it was too hard and it worked.

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