Quirky Tips to Lose Weight

Sometimes losing weight a little bit faster is about the little things. Sometimes these things can be a bit quirky. Here are some practical, yet quirky, tips to lose weight faster.

Three Easy Diet Ideas To Lose Weight Faster

(In fact, these diet ideas are simple enough for anyone to follow.)

ecentric 300x199 Quirky Tips to Lose Weight Be a little quirky with your diet for faster weight loss.

1. Stand-Up When You Eat

Everyone else is seated and you are standing. Funny, huh. This may sound weird, but standing-up while you eat is a good way to lose weight faster.

One obvious reason is because you will be less comfortable. Another reason is the fact that you will eat slower since it will take longer to get food to your mouth.  Because of this, there is a good chance that you will lose your desire to eat. Try it and you will notice that you will eat less and soon weigh less.

2. Brush Your Teeth Right After Eating

As soon as you finish eating, get your toothbrush and brush your teeth. Also, keep mouth wash with you to use when brushing is inconvenient. Make this a regular habit and you will find that you will eat less. Really, how often do you eat right after you clean your mouth? Brushing your teeth will prevent you from eating additional food, or from snacking on extra snacks, sweets, and desserts. You will find that you’ll have less cravings for foods. It’s important to make this into a habit — a routine — for this to be effective.

Plus, you’ll have the best breath of anyone you know!!

3. Before You Eat, Drink

Okay, this is pretty standard. If you drink a glass of water or fruit juice prior to eating a meal,  you will feel more full. There will be less appetite to fill and you will want to eat less. Just make sure you avoid beverages with a lot of empty calories, like soda and alcohol.

Faster weight loss can be gained by doing little weird and quirky things. These type of things may seem funny (except for drinking a glass of water – which is standard and should be done on amy diet), but they are little things that can help to lose weight faster.

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BobRevolution April 13, 2011 at 7:22 am

Not a bad idea about standing up when you eat, but… one thing I’ve noticed is that often times doing so makes people sort of ‘forget’ what they’ve eaten, or somehow subconsciously think that it doesn’t ‘count’. Grabbing a piece of pizza and eating it over the sink is just as many calories as sitting down and eating it, so don’t fool yourself! (again, I’m not saying your tip above is a bad one, just trying to give a bit of warning or ‘realization’ for people who might already tell themselves that they eat standing up… you might not be doing yourself any favors as opposed to always sitting down when you eat so you think of it as a MEAL and not an invisible snack that doesn’t count).

Anyway, that’s my $.02 :)


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