Our Top Weight Loss Articles of 2009

top ten 300x299 Our Top Weight Loss Articles of 2009Nearly fifty articles were written for Best Quick Weight Loss Diets in 2009. The focus for most of the articles is healthy and fast weight loss. In 2010, we are expecting to provide more than 300 articles, as we continue to grow and expand. In addition, site upgrades are in the process, including a diet product and plan ratings pages in which visitors can vote, and a forum for visitors to communicate.

Here are our top weight loss articles for 2009:

#10 Pure Acai Berry Review

We really like this product because this company quick freezes the highest best quality berries to provide its customers with the best solution. The delicacy of the berry makes quick drying very important. In this article, we review Pure Acai Berry.

#9 Natural Fat Binder Comparisons

In keeping with the theme of the site for quick and healthy weight loss, we review natural fat binders. Fat binders help to keep fat that is consumed from foods to stay in the body. In this article, we provide information of three natural products.

#8 Appetite Suppressants For Quicker Weight Loss

Just as with our Natural Fat Binder Comparisons article, this article reviews appetite suppressants that are natural and safe.

#7 Quirky Tips To Lose Weight

This is a fun and interesting article about little things to do to help with diets and weight loss.

#6 Funny Exercise Videos

After coming across one of these videos, we knew we had to show it to our visitors. We then ended up finding a couple more. If you want a good laugh, then watch these exercise videos.

#5 Natural Weight Loss Pills to Lose Body Fat

In this article we discuss the purpose and advantage of using natural weight loss pills. If you are not familiar with the site, we mostly favor natural supplements, compared to herbal or man-made pills. Here we give some explaination to this and the benefit of using them.

#4 Alternate Day Fasting For Quick Weight Loss

We came across a new study of a successful new approach to losing weight. Actually, the approach wasn’t new, but it was the first time it was studied in this manner. In this article, we summarized the study.

#3 Staying Motivated When Exercising

It’s not easy to begin exercising or to continue exercising. This is especially true when you live a busy lifestyle. In this article, we discuss ways to continue to exercise in order to continue losing weight.

#2 Why People Fail At Diets

This article goes over five of the most common reasons people don’t succeed at their weight loss goals. If you know why you may fail, you have a better chance at avoiding the failures.

#1 Healthy Quick Weight Loss: Oxymoron?

Our number one article basically is an article about the theme of our site. It explains why healthy and quick weight loss are both possible. Usually it is said that healthy weight loss can occur or quick weight loss (with quick weight return) can happen. This article addresses that.

So there you go: Our top articles of 2009. Have a great, successful, and healthy 2010.

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Melissa @Cellulite Investigation February 24, 2010 at 8:28 am

I will have to sift through these articles and see if there’s any new info about losing cellulite fat. I know it’s different than fat-fat, but I’ve found a lot of the principles are the same. Thanks for putting this list together!

Luqman February 25, 2010 at 7:13 am

Losing weight effectively will always require cutting calories in some way or another. If the excess weight was due to a diet based on convenient fast foods, then some people may be tempted to try cutting calories by simply reducing the amount of total food eaten.

Jason Mathew February 27, 2010 at 8:53 am

“Losing weight effectively will always require cutting calories in some way or another. If the excess weight was due to a diet based on convenient fast foods, then some people may be tempted to try cutting calories by simply reducing the amount of total food eaten”.

Also they should be consistent. Most of the people starts with unattainable goals and stops at the middle.

Slim Weight Patch June 20, 2010 at 12:54 pm

My favourite article of these 2009 top weight loss articles is article #4 (Alternate Day Fasting For Quick Weight Loss). I love this article!

Luis August 6, 2010 at 4:25 pm

Thanks for the great list some of these tips I really needed to implement. The article get your partner to support your weight loss is the best!

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