How to Lose Body Fat

The first step in losing body fat is knowing the correct fat burning methods. Here is information for the best way to lose body fat.lose body fat How to Lose Body Fat

Know Your Optimal Fat Loss Zone

There is a heart rate range, based on age, that will provide the best opportunity to burn fat. Knowing what this zone is will allow you to lose the most body fat. In order to find your fat burning zone, take the number two hundred and twenty, subtract your age, and then take eighty to ninety percent of that number. This 80% to 90% range will be your fat burning zone. From there, when you excercise make sure you are in this range by counting your beats for ten seconds and multiplying that number by six. Maintain this range for twenty to thirty minutes.

Eat the Right Foods to Lose Weight

To lose weight and fat in a healthy way, you need to eat right. In order to burn the most body fat, eat lots of raw fruits, raw green and organge vegetables, and eat a lot of proteins. These vegetables and fruits will encourage weight loss and fat burning by making you feel full. In addition, drinking a lot of water, sixty four ounces or more, will help you process any fats easier and also help you in feeling full.

Increase Fat Burning Capacity

When you increase muscle, you are able to increase your fat burning potential. It’s similar to a car with a bigger engine burning more gas. To gain muscle, do strength training three to five times per week. The goal during these workouts is to gain lean muscle to increase the ability to lose body fat. In order to do this, and at the same time to burn fat, use circuit training of fifteen to twenty repetitions of moderate weight.

Decrease Unneeded Calories

To lose body fat, extra calories should not be consumed. See what the recommended levels of calorie intake should be for your gender, age, and activity level. To lose fat, you will need to be under these levels.

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Jayanthi Sundaram January 10, 2011 at 7:40 am

People usually make the mistake of following a strict diet instead of following a delicious way of eating that will satisfy their hunger, their taste buds and help them reach and maintain an optimum weight and optimum health. The best diet is going to be one that you can stick to (for more than just a week), one that includes delicious but healthy food and one you are happy with, not to mention one that you can maintain for a lifetime.

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