How Can Men Lose Weight Quickly?

Women used to be almost the only ones who were deeply concerned with the matter of weight loss, but men have joined in to make up a huge percentage of the weight loss audience. Men now follow the latest diets, news, and programs about this topic. You often find weight loss tips for men on TV,  magazines, the internet, and in emails — usually diplaying a six pack muscular model.

 Quick Weight Loss Tips for Men

  The following are tips for men to lose weight more quickly:

 1. Be Realistic

 Point number one (just like for women), is to be realistic.male weight loss 200x300 How Can Men Lose Weight Quickly?
The ads showing men that surpass the masterpiece image of even the Statue of David, isn’t usually a goal that can be reached. However, good health, eating habits, and fitness routines are very much within reach. Reaching your ideal weight and meeting fitness goals are good realistic goals.

 2. Diet Correctly

Many diets are available that claim different rates of weight loss and have different methods of accomplishing this weight loss. When selecting a diet, ensure it is healthy and ensure it is doable (you want to make sure you can complete the diet).

For men, make sure the diet works with the overall goals of the fitness plan. If an increase in muscle mass is the goal, look for diets that are high in proteins, but provide enough carbs to allow for energy while exercising. If endurance is the goal, you will want a diet that has more good carbs that will be used while exercising.

3. Resistance Exercises

Men, by nature, have proven to have a higher rate of fat burning activity, giving them more fat burning potential than women. Many doctors and dietitians attribute this greater capacity of weight loss to the male sex hormone, testosterone.

There are many exercise tips that can help stimulate testosterone, which in turn will help men lose weight more quickly. High endurance exercises, called  resistance exercises, are one of the most recommended types of exercises for men. 

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Aisha Miller January 5, 2011 at 10:23 pm

Most experts in the field of weight loss will tell you how to lose weight fast and safe by changing your lifestyle. This means changing the amount of exercise you do in a day and reducing how much you eat and what you eat during the day. An average individual needs a minimum of 1500 calories to maintain weight. So, if the amount of calories eaten remains the same the amount of exercise needs to be increased drastically. The idea here is to train the metabolism to work in a way so that more calories are burnt than are stored in fat deposits in the body – and this could take some time. I have read more about How To Lose Weight Fast And Safe at What do you think about this article?

Tyrell1 February 14, 2011 at 11:58 pm

I have tried many weight loss, fat burner, muscle building pill products in the market for the past 8 years and the Dr Max Powers BURN got to be the best one out there for men. I’ve tried Hydroxycut, Dexatrim and various others you can find at a GNC. The Dr Max Powers Burn has got to be best and fastest way to lower body fat percentage and develop toned muscles.

Of course, a good food plan and regular exercise or an active lifestyle are necessary, but when I tried this lifestyle with other products, it did not deliver the results I wanted.

I have muscles and less than 18% body fat percentage. So yes! I highly recommend the Dr Max Powers Burn and it will work if you stay committed to your exercise and diet plans and follow its instructions.

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