Hollywood Diet Review

The Hollywood diet is basically fasting, but with juice.  It consists of a mixture of natural botanical extracts and natural juices. On the diet, all eating of solid foods stop and all nutrition supply comes from the Hollywood Diet juice drink. In fact, alcohol, tobacco products, and caffeine are also not allowed.

hollywood diet Hollywood Diet Review

Does the Hollywood Diet Work?

It depends on the goal. The Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet Hollywood Diet Review does do what it says it will do: help you lose up to ten pounds in 48 hours. However, the weight loss is temporary and will usually be regained just as fast.

The Hollywood Diet quickly assists in losing weight. This is because while dieting, solid food isn’t consumed. During this time the digestive system has the time to cleanse itself of accumulated waste. In addition, all of the liquid being consumed also helps to make sure that stored toxins are flushed out and that fat is metabolized. Water retention is reduced with the help of a few ingredients in the diet drink.

Is the Hollywood Miracle Diet Healthy?

Instead of the normal 2000 or so calories a day that is recommended for a healthy diet, the Hollywood Diet provides a paltry 400 calories per day. Often by the end of the 48 hours, a feeling of having a lack of energy is experienced. In some cases, light headiness and dizziness is felt.

It is not recommended to continue the Hollywood Diet for more than two days. It is basically a starvation diet and the actual calories required to live healthy are absent. However, fasting for a short period has not been proven to hurt and most likely using this diet one time per month would not cause harm for a healthy person.

Bottom Line

If it is essential to lose about ten pounds in two days, then this diet might be for you. However, losing weight is different than losing fat. For the simple fact that each pound of fat equals approximately 3500 calories, it is impossible for this diet to burn even two pounds of fat. Therefore, practically all the weight being lost is water weight. This type of weight is regained quickly by consuming sodium and liquid.

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Lonetree40 December 21, 2010 at 12:35 pm

The section on eating out and loosing weight will be very helpful to me as I eat out alot and am always uncertain as to what I can actually eat.
Thank you.

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