Diet Misconceptions

Staying healthy while losing weight is the primary objective of any weight loss program. Yes, if you are overweight or obese you want to lose body fat, but the ultimate goal should be better health. However, there can be a dilemma of dieting healthy without compromising a fast  rate of weight loss. weight loss banner 300x199 Diet Misconceptions

Here is what you need to know to stay healthy while losing weight.

Starvation Diets

Chances are, some people become desperate and try drastic changes to lose weight. By doing this they expose themselves to a lack of nutrition and to malnutrition. This can lead to complications such as ulcers, nausea, and worse. In addition, this individual would most likely find herself not
losing weight, but instead gaining weight as the body begins to store as much as possible for what it believes is looming starvation. This type of dieting is usually counter-productive. A better solution is a healthy diet that reduces calorie intake.

Working The Body Too Hard

Another misconception regarding staying healthy while losing weight is that it can be done faster with more exercise and more exercise. Though this may hold true, our body can only take so much. Eventually the fuel you want to burn, namely fat, will run out and the body will begin getting more and more fuel from muscle mass. This will also prove counter-productive since the more lean muscle mass the body has the more calories it will burn — even while at rest. In addition, the body may fight this from happening by slowing down metabolism when not exercising. Furthermore, complications like muscle injuries and joint sprains are more likely to occur when the body is pushed to do more than is healthy. It is important to find the right balance of exercise.

Losing weight takes time. It took time to gain it. There are ways to lose weight fast, but it is important to make sure it is healthy. Taking unhealthy short-cuts will prove counter-productive.

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Phentermine August 11, 2010 at 8:23 pm

The general conception about dieting is reducing the intake of food or in simpler words starving. This actually one the worst things that we could do to our body. Making our body starve might help us reduce the weight but it won’t be in a healthy manner. Having a proper healthy diet and exercising in a proper proportion is the best way to loose weight.

b2b seo india October 7, 2010 at 1:26 am

Whether you are a new mom or have been a mother for over a year now, to lose weight quickly after pregnancy is probably one of your goals. Since you had a baby, your body is not the same. The added inches on parts of.

Phentermine November 24, 2010 at 7:28 am

I did that. A very low cal diet gave me a temp surge in weight loss and then bottomed out with 2 weeks losing one pound each week, something I couldve done overeating on my normal diet. I learned real quick and have been on normal calorie diet, steady loss ever since.

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