Healthy Quick Weight Loss: Oxymoron?

diet success Healthy Quick Weight Loss: Oxymoron?We are led to believe that quick healthy weight loss is not possible. It is said that you can have one, but not the other: either quick weight loss or healthy weight loss.

A lot ot times, it is true that quick weight loss diet methods subscribe to an immediate gratification approach, ignoring many health concerns. However, most dieters do want to lose weight in a healthy way, but the strong desire for quick results often steers people to sacrifice their health for faster weight loss.

Healthy quick weight loss is NOT an oxymoron: you don’t have to choose between quick weight loss and healthy weight loss. You can have both. What’s more, when you combine them, the results are absolutely amazing. This isn’t anything new, but something that has been around for centuries. It’s called calorie shifting.

Quick Weight Loss

The quickest way to get to your weight loss goal is with the right eating habits. The first step is to never over eat! Over-eating happens when you eat past the time of being full. Most people will do this nearly every time they sit down for a meal.  This is because it takes twenty minutes for the brain to register that you are full.

If you over-eat, your body will store any excess calories as fat. By eating smaller meals more often and by using a calorie shifting diet, you can avoid over-eating while keeping your metabolism high. Just by not over-eating, your meals will be smaller and this way you will be able to have five to six meals per day. Quick weight loss must have high metabolism!

Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss is all about what you eat. The diet of most over-weight people consists of heavily processed foods that don’t have good nutritional value.  If you don’t have the proper nourishment, weight loss will be more difficult. A diet focusing more on plant-based food will promote health and create a building block for quick healthy weight loss.

If you want quick healthy weight loss, let this information work for you. You will quickly find that you can lose the weight fast, meet your goals, and get the figure you want.

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Slim Weight Patch June 20, 2010 at 12:43 pm

Healthy weight loss is the best weight loss, people should eat more vegetables and fruits, because there are many foods, that can help lose weight.
Honestly i haven’t heard about this Calorie Shifting system, is it so good?

The happy child guide review April 5, 2011 at 10:00 am

Thanks for the post about Oxymoron, I agree that staying away from processed food is very important when trying to loose weight

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