Green Smoothies: A Yummy Way to Stay Healthy

green smoothie Green Smoothies:  A Yummy Way to Stay Healthy So much food these days is marketed to us as being “healthy”.  There are whole brands that devote themselves to giving the impression of healthy food (Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine and Weight Watchers, to name a few).

Have you ever taken the time to look at the ingredients in the product s put out by these companies?  Many of them are unpronounceable.  The lists take so long to read and decipher that you give up half way through figuring it out.  Is this really the kind of food we should be eating?

Experts agree:  the best way to eat is lean meats, fish, nuts, eggs, and produce, produce, produce!  What falls under the category of produce?  Well, anything you find in the produce department at your grocery store!  Fresh vegetables, fruit, leafy greens, mushrooms, berries, etc.

Experts also say that you should be getting at least ten servings a day of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Ten servings!  Most of us get in less than half of that on a good day.  And no, the ingredients in your Lean Cuisine meal don’t really count.  What are we to do?

Enter the green smoothie.  If you have a blender, you have a really fast, simple way to meet your daily produce requirements.  When you blend food, it becomes more compacted and therefore concentrated.  Blenders and juicers allow you to fit a whole lot of produce into one glass!

To make a green smoothie, all you will need is some leafy greens or green veggies and some fruit.  Make sure you use two servings or cups of greens and 1 serving of fruit.  Some people like to add a source of protein, such as a protein powder.  I like to add plain yogurt.  Choose your liquid and blend!

If you think it sounds gross, then you haven’t tried one yet!  They are actually quite delicious.  The fruit gives them a fresh sweetness that is so enjoyable.

How To Make Your Own Green Smoothie:

One of the benefits of drinking green smoothies is enjoying the clear skin and abundant energy that leafy greens provide.  So many people do not consume fresh food at all and yet wonder why they suffer from fatigue, tiredness, acne, and illness.  Our bodies were not designed to take in processed, chemical-laden food day in and day out.  A green smoothie is a good way to feed your body what it needs and have fun in the process.

Another benefit of green smoothies is that they’re high in fiber.  Not only is fiber good for your body, it also makes you feel full.  Drinking green smoothies can help stave off cravings and hunger pains.  They allow you to be satisfied with fresh, nutrient-rich ingredients.

One of my favorite leafy greens for green smoothies is spinach.  Baby spinach is flavorful, not bitter, easy to find at the store, and rich in iron and other nutrients.  Try a spinach, blueberry, and banana smoothie.  Or banana-strawberry-spinach.  I keep frozen bananas in the freezer if I want a thick, rich smoothie.

Another delicious option is kale.  Try kale with some melon and berries.  Sometimes I add a little raw honey to my smoothies.  If they are on the bitter side, a little raw honey can sweeten things up.

Stay away from sugar and artificial sweeteners.  You can even go overboard on the raw honey!  Remember:  natural sweeteners in moderation are acceptable.  Raw honey, maple syrup, agave nectar or brown rice syrup are okay in small quantities.

Do your body a favor and try a green smoothie today!

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