Fat Government Exemplified by Picking On The Overweight

As the government gets bigger, fatter, and more controlling, watch out! There is no way to get out of the way when the government gets this overweight. It knows what is best and how to best solve problems. It will now try to social engineer weight loss.
government health1 Fat Government Exemplified by Picking On The Overweight
So, let’s pick on the fat people.

People who are in need of weight loss know they need to lose weight. It’s not that they want to be overweight. Living a life with ridicule, a lower life span, health problems, and of exhaustion isn’t a want. Many of them have tried repeatedly to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry because of people trying not to be fat.

So, the government believes there isn’t enough motivation for people to want to lose weight, so the government is going to solve this problem with its own motivation. It will try to make people decide to lose weight.

Soda Tax

One proposal being peddled by Congress and backed by Barack Obama is to tax sugary beverages, like energy drinks and soda, in order to help reduce obesity. And this is if we take the optimistic approach in that they are trying to do good by helping the health of the citizens that they are sworn to protect; the pessimistic approach being that they are increasing taxes to increase revenue, but are using health concerns as a cover. It’s kind of hard not to be pessimistic: how much will the extra tax curb obesity when the motivation of having a lower standard of living, even the prospect of death, doesn’t curb obesity. Therefore, the solution is to tax people into submission? C’mon. It’s sure working with smoking. And why should we be optimistic about this when some states are considering legalizing marijuana in order to generate more tax revenues. How much is health a concern?

So now a proposed one cent per ounce tax is going to do the trick for obesity. Another eight cents per can! Big whoop? But, for the government, nearly and extra fifteen billion in revenues. But, there is a big BUT: the government is going to use the money for obesity awareness, education, and prevention.  The government is going to say something to motivate people to lose weight. Seriously, what can they say or do? And if that costs fifteen billion a year to do, then the government, outdoing itself on waste, would be an understatement. It has a great track record of having the tax payer’s money being used wisely and efficiently. What’s the government’s real motivation here? Maybe the extra fifteen billion in revenues.

Let’s Pick on Poor Fat People

In addition, now there is work being done to limit the types of food that can be purchased with state and federal food voucher programs. In Arizona, the Women’s Infants, and Children (WIC) program has already instituted a voucher to be used specifically for fresh and frozen fruits and vegetable with limits to the amount of juices and high fat milks that can be purchased. Doesn’t sound to bad since children can’t make their own choice, so if a poor mother is going to make their child unhealthy, she’ll have to do it on her own dime. But this type of program is now being pushed to food voucher programs for adults. If someone is able to work, not disabled or able to get a job, then you get what you get — Get force fed, you deserve it. But when has it been the job of the US government to force choices to those who are in real need of the program. So, because someone is on food vouchers because of a disability, they can’t enjoy a bag of chips and dip. At least let them enjoy life the way they wish. If a bad car accident leaves someone disabled and puts her out of work without a dime to her name, why shouldn’t she be able to eat what she likes?

To Bad The People Don’t have the Power to Pick on Fat Government

It’s not like we can tax the government for being unhealthy. Maybe we don’t like having a deficit. How about a fee for talking to lobbyist? A tax for breaking campaign promises? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tax government officials for making the government unhealthy?

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will October 25, 2010 at 6:26 am

I think helping people to lose weight is very important, we should respect the life we have been given look after it. There is nothing better than the feeling of feeling good about ourselves, true happyness starts from within

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