Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review

fatlosssecrets Top Secret Fat Loss Secret ReviewThe Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is not only a program for losing body fat. What it does is help to eliminate the buildup of unhealthy toxins and parasites in your body’s system. By doing this, The Fat Loss Secrets program claims to assist you in quickly losing fat and, at the same time, improve your health.

Listen to what the doctor has to say:


What is The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Diet Plan?

The secret has nothing to do with:

- hard diets you can’t stick to
- dangerous artificial drugs
- anything unnatural

Instead, this doctor’s secret involves a new way to flush out dangerous plaque and harmful parasites, which she says, are deliberately being put in all your store-bought food – and which is designed genetically just to make you fat, so the major food companies and drug manufacturers can just get richer as they make you just another victim and statistic!

How Does the Fat Loss Secret Work?

Dr.Suzanne Gudakunst firmly believes that obesity is not caused by the lack of exercise or the wrong diet plan. Instead, she says that being overweight is caused by toxins like plaque and a bunch of parasites that live in your guts.

Her studies show that these toxins and parasites interfere with your metabolism system from burning your excess fats. She says this explains the reason that some people are not able to lose weight, even when they correctly exercise and diet.

Is This Weight Loss Plan Effective?

Over the course of her research, the Arizona doctor has developed a variety of natural treatments that can remove these toxic parasites and “digestive plaques”. She subsequently garnered results and testimonials that vouch for the effectiveness and authenticity of her treatment. The outcomes of her studies—via customer reviews and expert opinions—speak for themselves.

She has discovered an alternative way to weight loss that many so-called doctors, experts, and fitness gurus have overlooked. She claims her techniques have worked with a 100% success rate on worst-case scenario patients, who are so obese that nearly all of them were in the immediate danger of dying. Her techniques aren’t unnatural, and they don’t alter your basic biological makeup.

But how true are her studies? Apparently, it’s verifiable. Certain parasites and fungal infestations may cause people to become obese by making them crave carbohydrates and such, but it’s hardly the root cause of obesity.

Fat Loss Secrets is dedicated to helping you gain good health, live longer, feel great, and—most importantly—lose weight, through a program run by a credentialed doctor who’s willing to lay her reputation on the line. It even features an eight-week 100% money back guarantee, great customer support, and techniques that can increase your vigor, decrease your weight, and save your budget (the product price is $57.00).

What Are The Negatives?

At first, there is understandable skepticism when someone visits the Fat Loss Secrets website, especially when you listen to Dr. Gudakunst’s allegations of companies deliberately “hiding the truth” from people in regards to fat loss, just to “get rich” by “keeping everyone fat”. These type of allegation usually set-off people’s scam-radar.

She doesn’t discuss the reasons why there has been a rise of these parasites in today’s world (since obesity has risen, and she claims these toxins cause obesity, then the parasite problem should have increased, right?). She doesn’t cite the methods she used for her years-long research. Her claims are undoubtedly going to raise more than a few eyebrows from many a skeptics out there, to say the least.

The Conclusion

Regardless of your weight loss goals, this solution can be worth the investment just because the elimination of the accumulated toxins in your body can have many health benefits. However, a sedentary lifestyle, overeating, bad eating habits, and a low metabolism rate are more viable as reasons for someone being overweight. However, the fact remains that toxins can keep your body from absorbing the nutrients from digested food and cause it to, for lack of a better term, “go-hungry” for more food.

This weight loss plan is not a long-term solution, but reviews and testimonials have shown good short-term results. Exercise is not included in the plan, and some people find it too difficult to complete the diet.

It’s best used as an alternative method that you can try out if diet, exercise, and other weight loss programs have failed you.

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Sarah February 9, 2010 at 4:30 pm

I thought this weight-reduction plan worked nicely. I was in a position to lose the weight fairly easily. I’d suggest this diet plan.

Katelyn Allen March 8, 2010 at 3:04 pm

I lost weight fast. I lost fifteen pounds in a month and a half. Don’t know if it will stay off, but it should, because if I see it come back I can just start doing the system again.

I thought this was going to be a crazy diet, but I figured I would try it out. The worst was I was going to waste a little bit of money. I tried every type of diet except something like this. I would recommend this to family or friends.

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