Fast Weight Loss

Many diet plans promise extremely fast weight loss. A lot of them may work. Many may be only good for temporary weight loss. Some of them may be dangerous. dietgoalsuccess Fast Weight Loss will let you know how we feel and let you know what we know about quick weight loss diets (and long-term diets, since we discuss those as well). We know there is a need for these extreme types of diets, for reasons such as the wedding next week, the class reunion, a special date, or a quick head start to a more well balanced diet.

Of course, however, the first thing you want to do prior to beginning any diet is to check if your body will be able to handle it. A doctor will be able to let you know if taking on a diet is a risk to your life. Had to get that in here somewhere.

Now, I should probably use the word “extreme” more carefully. Yes, a diet like the Master Cleanse, made famous by Beyonce’s success a few years ago, could be considered extreme, but it could also be considered juice fasting meant to clean toxins out of the body. And Dr. Gudakunst’s weight loss program, Fat Loss Secret, can’t be considered extreme because of its difficulty, but it could be considered extreme because it is an extremely new way of dealing with weight loss.

Losing Weight Fast

A lot of the diets that are known for having people be able to lose weight fast work. As long as the instructions are followed exactly and as long as it is used only for the amount of time the diet inicates, then the good diets will work.

The problem often lies in the fact that losing weight fast also often means gaining it back just as fast. This often has to do with most of the weight loss being water weight and the fact that the body is going to hoard what it can when the diet is complete. That is why it is very important to choose the right type of diet that will do its job short-term, but also leave positive effects for long-term.

For example:

  • The cabbage soup diet (though it taste really bland), will bring down the weight quickly and is considered a good lead-in to a more well balanced long-term diet.
  • The Master Cleanse program will give you the short-term weight loss, but it will also completely flush the system of toxins.
  • The Fat Loss Secrets program is an alternative way of weight loss that does its short-term goal of weight loss well, but also provides good long-term solutions to losing weight and keeping it off.

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Slim Weight Patch June 20, 2010 at 11:39 am

In my opinion, there is no fast weight loss. Fast weight loss is not possible, because everybody is different, we are not equal, somebody can lose weight with, for an example, Atkins diet (It actually isn’t healthy diet plan, it is one of the most dangerous diet plans), but somebody can’t lose.
Fad diets are so popular, because people want to lose weight rapidly, if they even know that it isn’t possible. Also these quick weight loss diets cause many side effects, but people ignore it.
I personally don’t believe in these fast weight loss programs or diets.

That’s why healthy weight loss is the best!

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