Every Other Day Diet Plan Review

everyotherdaydiet 300x198 Every Other Day Diet Plan ReviewThe Every Other Day Diet is a new and exciting diet that provides a new approach to losing fat. It, gives a revolutionary unique spin on a borrowed concept, from our human ancestors, to create a diet system that anybody can implement for amazing results.

Created by Jon Benson and trainer Holly Rigsby, The Every Other Day Diet shows people how to lose weight quickly, without the pains of traditional diets.

It’s these pains from the forced deprivation of certain food groups, that is not only unhealthy, but also causes the  likelihood of diet failure and a bad relationship with food.

It is very difficult to completely give up your favorite foods and the Every Other Day Diet addresses this. Being forced to give up your favorite foods is one reasons for emotionally needing to binge, which then results in a severe set-back to any diet plan. The Every Other Day Diet increases the likelihood of succeeding at quick weight loss by allowing a person’s favorite foods to be consumed.

Every Other Day Diet Plan

The creators of this diet, Jon Benson and Holly Rigsby, are two notable trainers and nutrition experts. However, they are also formerly overweight and obese people.  They understood the pitfalls of all their failed diet attempts and sought to fix this. Jon Benson lost over 65 pounds and Holly Rigsby over 60.

How The Every Other Day Diet Plan Works

The Every Other Diet is divided into Burn days and Feed days.

Burn days: These are the days in which you consume fewer calories than your body requires, approximately 1/2 to 2/3 of your base caloric need. The burn days are the times that you eat low calorie foods.

Feed days: These are the days that you are allowed to eat your favorite foods, but within reason from the diet plan’s guide. For example, pizza is in the guide. On these days you can eat up to 1.5 times the base calorie need. …Even deserts are allowed.

This program truly encourage you to eat what you want every other day!

Does the Every Other Day Diet Work?

The simple answer yes. It is not a fad or crash diet, but instead a diet plan that is healthy and fast at the same time. And, because it is healthy, the Every Other Day Diet can be used as a long-term diet.

This diet is recommended because of its simplicity, effectiveness for quick weight loss, the healthy plan that is used, and the higher likelihood of succeeding with this diet.

It is definitely a  good healthy quick weight loss program. It is an effective diet plan to lose weight fast AND healthy. This makes it an effective long term strategy that will enable you to lose weight and, more importantly, keep it off.

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Chantel March 1, 2010 at 3:37 pm

I would advocate this weight loss plan. Although I consider some components have been difficult, the rewards felt after I concluded was well worth it.

Janet P. February 20, 2010 at 10:22 am

My problem with dieting is that I would always crave my favorite foods. This diet was great. I was able to enjoy these foods, though the burn days were tough in the begining, for the slight inconvenience of being a bit hungry on an alternate day. Worked great for me.

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