Eat Stop Eat Review

eatstopeat Eat Stop Eat Review

What is the Eat Stop Eat diet plan? Does it tell you to starve yourself to lose weight? It kind of sounds that way, doesn’t it? … and that sounds scary, right? However, it’s not a starvation type diet, so let’s explore the real essence of how it really works.


The concept of the Eat Stop Eat diet plan was authored by Brad Pillon, who was determined to provide facts about losing unwanted fat. His years of research, which date back to his college days, have helped him formulate the basic principles the program. One of the main points of the plan is that it doesn’t require you to exert yourself at the gym. Instead, Eat Stop Eat informs dieters about the anxiety caused when people crave food while they are on a diet. This interesting twist on how to reduce fat is quite unique.


The program provides advice to help you control compulsive eating. Avoiding eating is not suggested in any way. If you starve yourself, chances are you will end up eating more in order to satisfy your hunger. This will ruin your diet and make you gain more fat in the process. Basically, hunger plus food equals big belly fat. That is why the book gives a whole new perspective in the importance of eating right instead of  ”dieting”.

The Eat Stop Eat plan teaches the importance of fasting. It is a non-starvation intermittent fasting diet. The main objective is to differentiate normal hunger from food addiction. Food addiction is merely allowing your mind to crave for food. On the other hand, being hungry for food is a natural way of replacing the essential substances needed by our body. This diet shows you how to use intermittent fasting, in order to take control of your eating habits and to help you break away from being addicted to food.

Although eating a lot of food is hard to resist, the book elaborates the basic factors of fasting. Before you fast, the program will allow you to eat minimal food every 2-3hrs, instead of eating heavy meals three times a day. With this, you can train your mind not to crave for food and relieve hunger pains. From there, you stop eating for 24hrs to lower down your food addiction. Simple weight training is also included in the program. To summarize, eat what you desire then fast 2 times per week and do weight training. It’s a simple formula for fasting that gives good and effective results.


Some people might be skeptical about the program, especially for those who have eating problems. It may look difficult to accomplish, but it is a matter of self discipline. It certainly takes a little bit more effort in getting used to. However, in the long run, you will see your efforts pay off.

Many have followed this diet and have succeeded. So if others done it, then it is certainly possible that you can too. Have no doubt, this diet does take some getting used to.

Most people choose this type of diet to lose weight because they don’t want to give up on their favorite foods and they don’t want to do a lot of exercise. If you fall into this category, then this diet could be worth more research.

You can visit the official site for more information on Eat Stop Eat.

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Anna January 3, 2011 at 1:02 am

Hi Jessy
Agree. ESE is a simple and easy way to lose weight. I have been on ESE and am happy with the weight loss results – 20 pounds in less than six months.

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