Diets With Staying Power

healthyfood Diets With Staying PowerWhatever the reason: shirts don’t fit anymore, embarrassed to be naked, or your snaps no longer stay on your dresses – you want to lose weight. Any dieter wants to lose weight fast, but making sure the weight stays off is just as important. It’s best to use a diet that not only works to get weight off fast, but also a diet that has the staying power to keep the weight off.

Finding The Right Diet

Discovering a diets that works for you can be challenging, especially if you are seeking to quickly drop the pounds that took you a comparatively long time to gain. If you are like a lot of folks, you will attempt the latest fad diet, with the hopes of dropping the weight quickly. You may try the diet that promises the absolute fastest results. In this case, you may lose a few pounds right away, however, odds are that you will quickly regain the weight — then add some extra pounds for good measure.

Every diet is going to help you lose some weight in the short-term. This is because all diets are going to have a way for you to cut calories. However, some “fad” diets will provide “fake” weight loss by having most of the lost weight be water weight (in this case, that weight is coming back no matter what you do). Therefore, the first step in choosing a diet with staying power is too ensure that the chosen diet is a calorie cutting diet that is healthy, and is not a starvation type diet that would most likely result in some fat loss, but mostly water weight loss.

Mainstream Diets That Work

Diets that provide gradual, but effective weight loss, will most likely include all the food groups and keep you well-nourished. Weight loss that is made gradually over time is more likely to become permanent — mainly because of the food choice and lifestyle education that is included with these types of diets.

Some examples of these mainstream diets that have withstood the test of time includes:

  • The Mediterranean Diet – a diet rich in olive oil, fruits and vegetables, it goes easy on meat and is the basis of other popular plans like the Sonoma Diet, the Omega Diet and the Miami Mediterranean Diet.
  • Jenny Craig – has about 5 million clients worldwide since 1983.
  • Weight Watchers - has about 1.5 million members that attend over 50,000 meetings around the world.
  • eDiets – is the biggest weight loss website with 1.3 million paid members.

Quick Weight Loss Diets With Staying Power

Effective quick weight loss diets, by themselves, will get the weight off, but the weight will come back if the diet is ended incorrectly. Diets like Fat Loss For Idiots, Strip That Fat, and Eat Stop Eat, are very effective for fast weight loss, but because they can’t be continued indefinetely, the weight will rush back once you go back to your normal lifestyle. These quality diets do provide a plan for a lifestlye change to avoid regaining the weight, but most often it may not be enough. Therefore, to keep the weight off after using a quick weight loss diet, it is a good idea to use healthy, safe, and natural supplements (See our articles about Appetite Suppressants and Natural Fat Binders). These two different supplements will not only help you lose weight faster while on a diet, but will let you keep the weight off when you reach your quick weight loss goal. This way, when a quick weight loss diet is completed, you will be able to control your appetite and avoid fats. This will increase the likelihood of maintaining your goal weight. You will then be able to keep the weight off after a gradual lifestyle change.

Lifestyle Change

Even after losing the weight, and even if you choose to use safe supplements to assist you in losing the weight and keeping it off, a lifestyle change is still necessary to maintain the weight loss long-term. Eating, sleeping, and exercising right has to become a routine part of your life for the weight to stay off.

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