Diet Cookie Plan Review

The Diet Cookie Plan is a method for dieters to help control their appetite while on a weight loss diet. It is also a healthy snack alternative. Using these cookies, dieting becomes much easier since hunger is put under control.

Note: Most often when The Cookie Diet is mentioned, it is Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet that is being referenced. Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet has been around since 1975 and created by a doctor that was looking for a way to help his patients lose weight.

How Does The Diet Cookie Plan Work?

The diet is basic and simple — eat a cookie when you’re hungry. Dieters eat six cookies throughout the day and diet cookie plan Diet Cookie Plan Reviewmaintain a diet of 800 calories. The role of the diet cookies are to control hunger.

The ingredients of the diet cookies are kept secret, but fiber and a hunger controlling protein blend is included. A complete list of the ingredients are not available.

The Advantages of the Cookie Diet

  • There are no harmful ingredients or chemicals in the cookies.
  • No prescription is needed to by the product and it can be easily ordered online through the manufacturer’s website.
  • Developed and created by a doctor with more than a half million dieters having success (from manufacturers website).

The Disadvantages

  • Without any fat burning ingredients, this is purely an appetite suppressant.
  • The near 800 calorie restriction that the diet states, may be too strict for some dieters. Though the cookies will keep hunger from becoming a problem, nutrition and health can become a concern if this diet is maintained for a long period of time.
  • A weeks supply is priced near $60, which may be too steep for some dieters.
  • Weight may drop too fast for some dieters, with 15 to 20 pounds a month being common for those that follow the diet.

Summary of The Cookie Diet

One of the biggest issues of dieting is hunger, and this diet does a good job of addressing that. Though there are no fat burning ingredients, with a good diet, this product will help a dieter lose weight faster by allowing them to eat less. However, the suggested 800 calories per day, which includes the cookies, may not be healthy in the long-term.

These diet cookies, however, work great to help a dieter stay on a diet and eat less — making weight loss much easier.

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Shawn H. February 19, 2010 at 9:43 pm

This food regimen plan helped me to succeed in my weight reduction goal. My problem was always that I ate to much, or had to stop at the fast food spot, or had to sneak little snacks. These cookies kept me full, so I never even thought of that stuff. Makes weight loss sooooo much easier when you are full though. Note: does not taste like cookies.

Tom March 31, 2010 at 5:50 am

Thanks for all of the information in regards to the cookie diet! I will take them into consideration when working out with my diet. When choosing the right diet plan, I believe that a well balanced diet revolves around eating healthy and maintaining a workout regiment that best fits your body type. If you are looking to count your calories and keep track of what you are eating, head over to and try the free weight loss programs and tips to help you jump start your diet and a healthier new you! Good luck dieters!

FJ | Fitmarker August 19, 2010 at 3:40 am

Interesting. Caloric restriction is an obvious way to drop those pounds but they need to hammer home a major point: Resistance Training! Creates an oxygen deficit which will help burn the fat. I can eat normal, delicious cookies and keep the weight off… not sure if many people would need this.

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