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African Mango Reviews

November 14, 2011

  Losing weight is a burden for most people. There are hundreds of different diets, each with its own philosophy, but all with the same, sad result: pounds start piling back on the moment you get off the diet. You need a better solution, one that actually works and helps you lose weight over the […]

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DecaTrim Reviews

January 23, 2011

DecaTrim Review How would you feel if you knew that in 10 days you would be 10 pounds lighter?  DecaTrim is the first weight loss supplement to make it possible!  By combining 10 unique ingredients, DecaTrim has created the most advanced fat burning formula on the market. Read on before you buy DecaTrim. Ingredients The […]

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Clinislim Review

June 30, 2010

Clinislim uses proven ingredients in a clinically verified formula to create an effective fast weight loss supplement. Some of the ingredients that Clinislim uses are also used in other supplements, but this supplement is different because it uses clinical studies to dictate the amount of ingredients to use — unlike many other supplements that may […]

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7 Day Slimming Pill Review

June 12, 2010

The 7 Day Slimming Pill is a top rated consumer weight loss product with claims that it will help you lose up to 14 pounds in your first seven days and fast weight loss after the initial week. It does this by combining powerful natural ingredients to cleanse the body. This product is ideal for […]

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Weight Loss Potent Hoodia: How To Buy The Real Stuff

April 16, 2010

Obesity is ubiquitous and its expense immense. The monetary cost is $147 billion annually according to last year’s study by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Worse still is the toll obesity takes on those who suffer from it. The risk of cardiovascular disease, sleep disorders, cancer, and diabetes all increase dramatically while life […]

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Pure Acai Berry Not Just For Weight Loss – It Extends Lifespan

April 15, 2010

Studies have repeatedly shown that when diets are rich in botanicals, numerous health benefits ensue. Acai is the small, blackish-purple fruit from the Acai palm tree that is native to the Amazon River delta’s swamps and floodplains. Many health experts have praised the remarkable health-imparting properties of the Acai berry, which is a staple food […]

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What is the Slim Weight Patch?

March 21, 2010

There are many different diet and weight loss supplements on the market today. A new advanced weight loss tool is the SlimWeightPatch. What makes this tool different is that the Slimweight Patch is not only a unique blend of ingredients, but it is also easier to use. Apply To Skin And Lose Weight? Unlike the majority […]

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