Weight Loss Diets

Green Smoothies: A Yummy Way to Stay Healthy

January 7, 2012

So much food these days is marketed to us as being “healthy”.  There are whole brands that devote themselves to giving the impression of healthy food (Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine and Weight Watchers, to name a few). Have you ever taken the time to look at the ingredients in the product s put out by […]

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African Mango Reviews

November 14, 2011

  Losing weight is a burden for most people. There are hundreds of different diets, each with its own philosophy, but all with the same, sad result: pounds start piling back on the moment you get off the diet. You need a better solution, one that actually works and helps you lose weight over the […]

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Easy Ways to Help Lose Weight and Keep It Off

October 27, 2011

Part of living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight is centered on maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise. While some might be tempted to join a weight loss program or try a weight loss system, few people are able to sustain their weight via these methods over time. If you’ve […]

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DecaTrim Reviews

January 23, 2011

DecaTrim Review How would you feel if you knew that in 10 days you would be 10 pounds lighter?  DecaTrim is the first weight loss supplement to make it possible!  By combining 10 unique ingredients, DecaTrim has created the most advanced fat burning formula on the market. Read on before you buy DecaTrim. Ingredients The […]

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Cooking Tips to Lose Weight Fast

September 10, 2010

You want to lose weight right away, and you are determined to exercise regularly. That’s an excellent way to start your weight-loss plan, but don’t forget that all of your daily workout will be useless unless you take care of your diet first. Small changes in your kitchen can quickly yield big changes in your […]

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Control Emotional Eating To Lose Weight Faster

September 4, 2010

Have you ever found yourself frantically digging into a pint of ice cream after a break-up or stuffing yourself with pizza when you were completely stressed out the night before an exam? These are just some scenarios that illustrate emotional eating. Emotional eating is something that we all have experienced at one point or another. […]

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Cheat Your Way Thin Review

July 17, 2010

Everybody has to eat; it’s part of living. Food nourishes the body and provides energy and strength to survive. But as we all know, if you eat too, much, you tend to store the surplus as fat. Because of this, a lot of people seek help from different diet methods which promise a quick fire […]

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