Ab Circle Pro Review

One of the main reasons or excuses that people use for not doing more exercise or getting fit is that they don’t have time. Sometimes the only way to fit some exercise time into your daily routine is to plan your day in a different way, or maybe wake up half an hour earlier and add that 30 min to walk to work or to take a quick jog around the block.

An alternative is to get an exercise machine for your home where you can fit in that 30 min in your day to do some effective weight-loss exercise. One of the machines that has been advertised on television widely is the Ab Circle Pro.

ab circle review Ab Circle Pro ReviewYou might have seen a lot of ads and infomercials with Audrina Patridge, the Actress and Reality TV star working out on this unusual looking contraption. She has a stunning body and very noticeable 6 pack abs from using this new Ab Circle Pro Machine.

Other celebrities who have successfully used Ab Circle Pro to lose weight and get trim are Brendan Gaughan the Nascar driver and Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard too. After seeing the claims that it is the fastest way to achieve sexy abs, I had to give it a go.

The Ab Circle Pro Review

In this review of the Ab Circle Pro, we look at all its features and benefits and how it can help you achieve your weight loss goals with a limited amount of time everyday.

The Ab Circle Pro is made up of a flat metal disc mounted on high-quality steel with some pad for your knees that are on rollers. These rollers sits on a patented friction free track which allows the pads is to move along this track in a semi circular motion. This machine users. The circular force technology which engages all the muscles in your call to move the machine.

Using the Ab Circle Pro to exercise you conveniently combine both cardio and add workout at the same time. There are three levels of resistance that you can choose and adjust to suit your fitness level. You can easily start at the lowest level and work on that until you feel that the resistance is getting too easy, just kick it up a notch to make it a tough workout for yourself.

After using the machine for just a few minutes you will start to feel the core muscles starting to burn especially your oblique muscles.

The Ab Circle Pro is a compact little machine and it folds up nicely for storage under a bed or in a closet.

Benefits of using the Ab Circle Pro

Unlike other workout machines, it has a dual function where it burns fat and also works your abs by just using it for a few minutes a day. They advise you to follow than diet plan that included with the machine to achieve maximum results. Most of the successful uses of the machine have found they got results within 4 to 6 weeks starting to use the machine and changing their diets.

In infomercials, it does say to workout for 3 min a day but this just works are a few of the muscles in the call. They also include her workout DVD to enable you to maximise the use of the abs circle pro to get more complete workout. Just by making a small adjustment, the Ab Circle Pro become a bun and thighs machine too, a bonus multi functional use.

Using the Ab Circle Pro, you have the choice of not having to do any more painful ab crunches that strains your neck and back. Best of all you don’t have too spend time travelling to a gym together workout when you can do it at home at your convenience.
The machine is so compact and easy to set up and use. You can even do you workout while watching your favourite TV program.

Here are some Ab Circle Pro Reviews from around the internet

One lady who was quite sceptical about the Ab Circle Pro, took it for a trial during the 30 day promotion they were running. So within a few weeks, she saw significant results and she followed the directions to monitor and changed her diet. At the same time. She managed to fit in a few minutes a day working out on the abs circle pro everyday and found that it didn’t take up too much of the time.

You can try out the Ab Circle Pro for 30 days for only $14.95 with their risk-free trial click here to try it out.

Some other reviewers have said that they didn’t know that they had to assemble the machine themselves when it arrived it is actually quite easy to do and can be done in a few minutes by just following the instructions that comes with the machine. There is even a You Tube video or someone showing you how to set up and it took in less than 8 min from unpacking the box to getting it fully set up and ready to go. If you get stuck you can always follow the step-by-step instructions they have on their website.

Some users have also said that they got very sore knees from using the machine. One of the ways to fix this is to put small folded towel under your knees when you use it where some kneepads.

Some users have also reported that the rollers on the machine tend to wear out quite quickly, so the way to prevent this is to keep the roller path regularly oiled. Some users have also replaced the rollers with are set that they bought from eBay to prolong the life of the machine.

Where to buy the Ab Circle Pro

You can try out the new and improved Ab Circle Pro for just $14.95 for 30 days. The extra bonuses worth about $250 that comes with this purchase are the “Lose Your Love Handles System” which comprises of :

  • A reduced calorie diet plan
  • Slim Down DVD
  • 30 minute fat blasting DVD

There is also an option to get the Ab Circle Pro fast track computer at a discount too.

 Ab Circle Pro Review

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