5 Easy Tips to Eating Less

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One of the ways to lose body fat is to eat less. For some people, it is hard to not to overeat, especially with a delectable food on the table. Here are 5 easy tips to help you eat less, effortlessly.

Cook Smaller Portions to Eat Less

When preparing meals, make sure you are cooking for a serving size that is just enough for you; less is fine but not more. In fact, cooking even a little bit more is worse than cooking more. Reason being, with just a few leftovers, it is common for people to just finish it off instead of storing it for later. After all, why waste a refrigerator space for a small amount of food when you can easily make room for it in your tummy? As a result, you end up eating more than what is necessary.

Eat Using A Small Plate

A small plate can only accommodate a small portion of food. This is an effective way of regulating food intake. Logically, you can only eat as much food as what is on your plate.  Just make sure not to go for seconds or pick on leftovers. Some people may just put a small amount of food on their plate, but will eventually end up picking on foods on the serving plates.

Chew Carefully and Eat Slowly

Have you ever wondered why it takes a few minutes or so to feel stuffed after eating a big portion of food? And how, often times, you think you can go for another serving, only to realize after a while you can’t finish your food because you’re full? Studies show that even if you are already full, it takes a while for your neurotransmitters to relay the message to your brain.

If you are one of those people who eat fast, you may want to rethink your ways. You are likely to eat more by eating fast. Even if you are already physically full, your brain does not get notified right away.   By the time the I-am-full signal reaches your brain, chances are, you have already eaten more than what you can handle. It is advisable to chew food well. You can try setting a fixed amount of chew before swallowing. Say for example, you can set it at 30 chews. When you eat slowly; you are giving your body enough time to figure out if it can still take more or not.

Vary the Food You Eat

Studies show that one of the common instances people eat more is when they are eating food they haven’t had in a long while. It is always a hard battle not to overeat when faced with the food you missed. To avoid missing a certain food, which consequently leads to craving and binging, make sure you have variety in your menu. You can easily achieve this by making a list of the foods you like, and incorporating it in your menu planning. Of course, if you’re on a diet, foods that are bad for you are out of the question.

Drink Water an Hour Before a Meal

This is perhaps the oldest trick in any dieting book. Drinking water before a meal is an effective way to fill you up. Make sure to do it not immediately before a meal, but an hour before. By doing it an hour before, your brain receives the information:  you are partially full and only have small room for food–at just the right time.

When eating less, make sure to also eat more—nutrition-wise. Reducing portion sizes should not affect the quality of food you eat. With smart planning, you are one step closer to your dream weight.

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