4 Day Diet Review

4daydiet 4 Day Diet Review
The 4 Day Diet states that it is different and can get you to lose more weight because it varies the quantities and the types of food you eat, the type of exercises performed, and addresses the mental aspects of dieting. By continuously changing the foods and exercises, the body won’t get used to any one type of eating or exercising plan. This will help you avoid plateaus and to lose more calories.

Summary of the 4 Day Diet

The mastermind behind the Fat Smash Diet and the dieting expert on VH1′s “Celebrity Fit Club,” Dr. Ian K. Smith is also the creator of the 4 Day Diet. The first segment of the book deals with the mental aspects of dieting. In this section, the readers learn about motivation, food and fitness habits, goals, and resisting temptations. Once this important section is completed, the weight loss program begins.

The weight loss program contains seven “modules,” with each module  lasting four days:

  1. Induction (the detox or cleansing module)
  2. Transition (all the food groups are reintroduced)
  3. Protein Stretch (helps avoid plateaus)
  4. Smooth (reintroduces some formerly “forbidden” foods)
  5. Push (a more strict eating plan)
  6. Pace (designed to help dieters “catch their breath”)
  7. Vigorous (helps lose those last few pounds)

Review of the 4 Day Diet

Dr. Ian K. Smith has developed a program that lets you avoid the common pitfalls of dieting – boredom, no treats allowed, too much repetition and plateauing. Below are the Pros and Cons of the program, and our summary:

4 Day Diet Pros and Cons:

One pro is the inclusion of both aerobic and strength-training exercises. Physical activity burns calories and possibly preserves lean muscle mass during weight loss.

Another positive is the amount of detail and effort that is provided to explain the mental challenges of dieting and how to avoid the pitfalls. Often people can fail at a weight loss program when they are not prepared mentally to succeed at this type of difficult challenge. Dr. Ian K. Smith goes into detail to help a dieter understand how to succeed.

A drawback to the diet, however, is that there’s no scientific support for the theory that varying the amount of calories consumed and type of exercises perfomed can result in weight loss that is faster than diets that use a steady calorie reduction with exercise. Even though the scientific support isn’t available for this type of diet, there are many happy dieters that have had success with using this diet.

Some of these reviews can be seen at Amazon.com 4 Day Diet Review.

Another issue is that the Glycemic Index is often mentioned when explaining the foods used in the diet. However, there is no scientific proof that a Glycemic Index diet will result in faster weight loss or better appetite suppression.


Though this diet is more healthy than most other quick weight loss diets, on some days it is too low in calories and skimps on key nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D. But this is pretty much the nature of the diet: some days the calorie intake will be more, while on other days it will be less. Called calorie shifting, using this method, the metabolism will not slow down, resulting in the avoidance of a plateau.

The fastest weight loss comes from following the modules exactly, instead of customizing the diet. Following exactly may be too restrictive for some dieters. If you are a dieter that excels when given strict guidelines, this may be a good quick weight loss diet.

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Zach Griffin February 13, 2010 at 10:48 pm

I love this diet plan. I had trouble with some parts of the diet plan, but I followed what the book told me and I lost the weight. If you don’t like to read though, and can’t follow rigid plans, skip this one.

Eric March 6, 2010 at 12:44 am

I got this book because the author is well known with the celebrity weight loss show. This weight loss plan plan made it easier for me to succeed in my weight reduction goal. The weight didn’t come off super fast, but I lost weight relatively consistently.

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