January 2010

Top Four Weight Loss Pills

January 27, 2010

Top Four Weight Loss Pills Comparison Amongst all diet pills, we believe Acai Select, Proactol, Pure Acai Berry, and Phen375 are the best for weight loss. However, it is always hard for consumers to know which solution works for them. That’s the reason why we compare these top four diet pills. Hopefully, this diet pill […]

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Ten Health Benefits of Using Acai Berry

January 25, 2010

Unless you are closed off from society (TV, magazines, newspapers, the internet), you have heard of acai berry. Though not primarily meant to lose weight, there are many wonderful health benefits of using acai berry. For weight loss, acai berry is best used as a healthy supplement to assist with a quick weight loss diet. […]

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The Perfect 10 Diet Plan Review

January 24, 2010

The latest medical studies show that hormones are the key to losing weight. Hormones control the way the body utilizes foods that are consumed, by dictating if it will be used for energy or if it will be stored as fat. Lose up to 14 Lbs in 21 days! Doctor Designed, Easy to Follow, Proven […]

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Strip That Fat Review

January 23, 2010

What Does Strip That Fat Do? Strip the Fat is a special weight loss program that’s purposely designed to help you lose fat. Strip That Fat is primarily a dieting system. It doesn’t have a large focus on exercise, but of course exercise must be included in a fat loss program whether it is recommended […]

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Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review

January 21, 2010

The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is not only a program for losing body fat. What it does is help to eliminate the buildup of unhealthy toxins and parasites in your body’s system. By doing this, The Fat Loss Secrets program claims to assist you in quickly losing fat and, at the same time, improve […]

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Fake Alli Diet Pill Warning

January 20, 2010

The FDA has given a warning to consumers about fake Alli weight loss pills sold online. These counterfeit pills have a different active ingredient that may interact badly with other medications. (Source: FDA.gov – Click Here to go to the FDA page). Discovery of Counterfeit Alli Pills The FDA first took notice after consumers sent […]

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Think and Act Different to Lose Weight

January 19, 2010

Will you be able to succeed at you weight loss goals this year? Can you lose the weight and become more thin? The answer is Yes. First, though, you need to think right and act right. Here are the new ways to think and act for you to stick with your weight loss plan and […]

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